Our Services

With 260 square metres of raw exposed concrete, and all less than one hour from Central London, Concrete House is the premier British residential location for shooting against this material. The bold, brutalist structure sits within the East Sussex landscape with extensive views to the South Downs and can be visualised as both new or classic modernist architecture. With tropical, jungle inspired planting, internally and externally and a raw concrete ‘jungle infinity pool’ externally, the space can evoke images of LA modernist, Brazilian villa or young modern British. Mid century modern furniture completes interiors to both offset and soften the concrete and is available for use at no extra cost during shooting. Clients have full access to all parts of the property during shooting days and furniture can be added or removed as requested. We are also able to offer a local source of vintage furniture hire. Please contact us for more details. Furniture in images is subject to change so always ensure you contact us first should you have a specific piece in mind for a shot. 
Catering can be provided on all shooting/production days. Contact us directly for menu options and additional costs. 
Internally and externally there are multiple power points around the site. Please note that whilst not 3 phase, the building supply has been rated to take larger loads (above residential/domestic) typically drawn by film/still lighting. Contact us for more information. 
On site gravel parking is available to front of property up to a maximum of approximately 8 vehicles. Further access to a larger (30+ vehicles) hard standing parking area is available within a one minute drive or 5 minute walk of the property. 
For multiple day bookings it is possible to request rates for full 24 hour hire of Concrete House to facilitate night shoots and over night stays. 
As part of supporting arts in the community, Concrete House is available for use as an exhibition space. As something close to our hearts we will always endeavour to support the arts where possible so please get in touch if you feel our space may work for you. 
Planning to launch a new product or business venture? Concrete house could give you the completely unique and memorable location to create lasting memories and help your business succeed. Get in touch for further details on how we can help you build your event. 
If you have any questions or specific requests please get in touch. You might be surprised what we can source locally if asked and we are also able to secure favourable rates on many services through our extensive local network of contacts. We know production and we know the need to be flexible and innovative when asked.